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I could not sleep tonight and I decided to stay home from work today. I feel grief, regret, distress and all between...I wish I could go back and undo things, I really wish I could. If I could turn back time things might have been different now. I keep thinking about the past and it keeps me from living in the present moment. But honestly I don´t think I want to live life to its fullest degree in the movement because I cannot feel happiness.
I might be living a joyful life with joyful times. And I am not gonna lie If you are a young single living in Stockholm sometimes you get to do awesome shit, and it is kind of fun. However it is not the same as happiness. Happiness cannot be achieved simply by doing funny things, happeiness is something much deeper and lasting.

An eye for an eye make both people blind

Kategori: Soul-searching

I don´t believe in doing the same wrongdoing towards another person who in fact has treated you badly before. I simply don´t believe in revenge. Revenge is doing the same mistake that the person who did you wrong. I think that gives you bad karma. I don´t want to sink to the same level, I want to be better than that. And the only thing I can do that is simply to prove that I am better:) 
Do you believe in revenge? why or why not?

Dinner with my bff

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My best friend Helena and I usually eat dinner together once a week. We are kind of like two single ladies living on an island without any men present, haha! well that might not be completely true but sometimes it feels like it and it is a good thing:) 
I seriously don´t know how I would have survived this fall without Helena, she has helped me so much, simply just by being present in my life.